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Product Update: April 2022 releases to make your life easier.

Joel Thom
Product Marketer

Are you ready for a behind the scenes peek at what we’ve got in store this month? We may have been acquired by DoorDash, but that doesn’t change how we feel about your suggestions. 

Features may come and go, but our April theme is constant: making your life easier.

Faster ordering, happier guests

There’s a delicate balance between great hospitality and impatient guests. You know better than anyone how hard it is to walk that line when you’re slammed during peak hours. Rather than going through every single modifier and note to get their order in, diners can now skip straight to the good stuff. One-tap ordering makes the entire process faster and encourages larger check sizes thanks to a frictionless process. 

Calm the outdoor patio panic

Spring and summer are your best and busiest times, especially with an outdoor space. The  global tab search makes it easy to cover more ground with limited servers and bartenders. All tablets, screens, and more let your staff easily find and add items to any tab in the restaurant.

Add a splash of color

No one does a spreadsheet like you, so we’re taking a page out of your book. Our KDS was already easy to see in every kind of light, but it just got easier.  Now, you can also customize your ticket colors and their height to bring your organizing dreams to life.

Product screen displaying orders appearing in a POS.

While more info is great for reporting, it’s a double-edged sword. Get a quick look at item progress, so servers don’t have to spend time digging deeper into tickets just to get updates.   

Save time while you manage inventory and support your staff 

Add, remove or edit any items as changes need to be made and manage your inventory right from the menu page. From the Menu Item Management modal, all you need to do is tap on any item to add, remove or reset the count. 

As we near peak patio season, your service team is working as fast as they can to prep and train. But how do you prepare them for the unexpected unsatisfied customer or a supply chain problem? Assign different permissions or roles to prepare for anything. From issuing refunds to simple inventory management, use the different access levels to make sure your staff are set up for success. 

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