5 ways to boost restaurant delivery sales

Allison Mitchell
Implementation specialist

Delivery has exploded in popularity in the past two years. Many operators scrambled to adopt these tech solutions to stay in business during the height of COVID-19, often settling for the quickest option they could find.

Demand for delivery isn’t going away, so it’s time for operators to reevaluate their digital menu software to ensure it’s operating at peak performance. We’ve compiled a list of the top tips and tricks for sprucing up your digital menu to satisfy diners and keep them hungry for more.

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1. Link your digital menu ordering site to your website and social media accounts.

It’s essential to make your digital menu accessible to consumers. Display the link in locations diners are most likely to see it, so they have a streamlined way to start their order without having to place a call or come in person. By removing barriers to order, you can capitalize on impulse purchases.

Add the direct link to your digital ordering site to your social media profiles. When hungry customers come across your account, they don’t have to take additional steps or click through multiple pages to start their order.

When adding your digital ordering URL to your website, be sure it stands out from the rest of the page, so patrons know where to navigate without searching (think bold fonts, bright colors, or even a pop-up).

2. Add clear images and descriptions to each item on your digital menu.

Adding images makes your menu more visually appealing to the viewer and helps guests better understand what they are ordering.

Use high-resolution images for your menu items and make the photos available on both the menu and item level. It’s also essential to include a simple description of items — guests feel more confident placing an order when they don’t have questions about their options.

3. Leave messages for guests on your menu page or in the checkout cart.

Communication with your guests is always important, especially when not dining in person. Adding clear messaging to your digital menu ensures diners stay updated on the essential information you have to share with them.

Consider adding a message to your online menu that all guests will be able to see in the announcements banner with info on updated hours, menu changes, upsells, and more. You can also add a message to the checkout page that a guest will see at either the top or bottom of the page. If you prefer to have a message based on the purchased food or drink, you can do that too!

4. Set up SMS Messaging to notify guests when their order is ready.

Keep diners informed on their order status with automated SMS messaging. Communication gets rid of confusion and increases overall satisfaction with the ordering experience. When a diner leaves satisfied, they’re more likely to return for seconds.

If your venue offers pickup, inform guests of where their order will be available for pickup. If they schedule an order for delivery, alert the customer when their driver has picked up the order. Customize these messages with information like their name or how often they’ve ordered this specific item for a more personalized experience.

5. Use QR codes to your advantage.

QR codes are a simple and effective way to bring diners to your digital menu — guests scan the code via their camera and are directed straight to your ordering site without typing in a web address. Many restaurants use QR codes in-venue, but they’re just as effective off-premise.

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Consider adding your QR code to items such as business cards, print ads, and any off-premise messaging that your diners are likely to encounter. This increases the visibility and accessibility of your menu — with a simple scan, guests can connect with your brand and start their order without stepping a foot inside your restaurant. Be sure to include clear instructions telling guests how to scan the code and what they’ll see once they do to encourage them to pull out their phones and interact!

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