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Tartine Bakery doubles delivery check sizes with Bbot

Melanie O'Hanlon
Marketing Associate

We all have “our spot” for food — breakfast, lunch, or dinner, any foodie has one business that is deeply personal to them. For thousands in California, Tartine Bakery is their morning “spot”.

Tartine opened their doors in 2005 and  became a standard for bakeries state-wide. With 8 locations spread across San Francisco and Los Angeles, they have a rich history of “experience and craftsmanship” to support their brand, says Jillian Ressler, Tartine’s Vice President of Brand. 

So, how exactly did Tartine double their delivery check size in just a few months? Plus, open three new locations during the height of COVID? We sat down with Jillian Ressler to discuss how Bbot’s online ordering and delivery management tech helped Tartine scale its delivery platform and keep up with demand.

Fixing online ordering

Tartine’s popularity brings an atypical set of challenges for maintaining their menu. Items rotate between in and out of stock multiple times a day based on how quickly kitchen staff bakes their next batch of goods. This friction within the ordering process inevitably leads to incorrect menu displays and disappointed customers.

Tartine’s cakes and tarts must be ordered ahead, creating a series of complicated hoops a guest would need to jump through to place an order:

“You’d need to fill out a hand-written form 5 days in advance,” Ressler said, “and either send it in via fax or by hand. Then you’d have to wait for someone to get back to you to see if we could actually make that order. There was a lot of friction on the team and guests.”

To improve the ordering process, the bakery built its own online ordering platform. But, because each location’s menu required high flexibility and hourly adjustments, the platform wasn’t scalable for Tartine’s growth rate.

Tartine needed a sustainable solution, and with COVID-19 an ever-present consideration, they needed to act quickly to keep serving their customers.

The software solution they chose needed to allow the bakeries to own their customer data and personalize the guest experience. Tartine had a specific set of needs — they wanted the platform to appear as a natural extension of the brand, offer a flexible and dynamic setup for each location, and integrate with their current POS system.

Personalizing the guest experience

Tartine Bakery adopted Bbot’s online ordering and delivery management software in 2020 at their San Francisco and Los Angeles locations. This tech enables each site to easily update its menu throughout the day as products become available, creating a better guest experience. Since the addition, Bbot makes up as much as 20% of daily revenue when polling locations.

Bbot’s “dynamic view” displays all orders coming into each store, including delivery, in-venue, and reservations made by guests. This personalized guest experience, sets bakeries up for “the opportunity to create a lot of surprise and delight,” says Ressler.

‍Through Bbot’s integration with SevenRooms, Tartine easily retargets customers through email marketing, encouraging them to make repeat purchases and keep coming back for more. According to their customer data, Tartine has hundreds of customers who’ve made over 20 repeat purchases each through their online ordering software.

And these repeat customers are spending more per visit. Check sizes averaged 30% higher at Tartine’s slowest locations; at the busiest locations, check sizes averaged 2.2 times the average check size compared to in-store diners. 

Earning loyalty for bakeries

Tartine Bakery doesn’t just create incredible food and beverages for their guests — they strive to create a community that encourages people to share their experiences and resources.

“We don’t think of anything as proprietary. We do what we do, we know we’re great at it, and we want to share that experience with more people."

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