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Elevating the Customer Service Experience with New Technologies

Sara Detrik
Marketing Manager

Working as a server provides ample opportunities for a sea of ups and downs during any given shift. But while there are occasional drawbacks, the most rewarding piece of the job is interacting with guests. Connecting with guests and allowing for personable conversations can have an impact on the business beyond morale.

Laughs, discussions, and memories can be born from these experiences, and remarkable service can leave a lasting impression, both on the guest and on the server. The result of this? Higher retention. Your regulars will keep coming back.

Microsoft’s 2017 State of Customer Global Service Report claimed that, “96% of customers say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand.”

While the benefits of providing guests with positive service are obvious, an overwhelmed server will find it difficult to really “wow” diners.

Having served for over eight years, I am fully aware that stress buildup during any given shift is bound to happen. Servers juggle a significant number of tasks at nearly every moment of their shift. From helping to prep salads, pouring drink refills, jotting down orders, delivering food, grabbing that extra side of ranch dressing requested by table two, making the kids sitting at table seven laugh on your way back from dropping a check, and countless other side jobs, it’s easy to get tangled in a web of things to do.

As a waitress, two of the most time-consuming tasks I face are taking orders and splitting checks. Guests often need time to look at the menu to determine the perfect selection. Depending on the number of people in the party, I have taken orders for what felt like ten minutes or more.

Spending an extensive amount of time taking orders takes away from providing the best customer service experience possible, as is standing in front of the POS computer having to swipe three separate cards for different amounts for a four-top.

Thankfully, new tools that enable seamless guest experiences like Bbot are empowering restaurants to do more with less chaos.

Bbot provides a tool which lets guests order, pay, and tip directly from their phones. This helps take customer service in the hospitality space to a new level. Servers are now freed up to take on tasks they would normally not be able to do, improving the servers’ relationship with guests.

"Bbot is like giving my staff superpowers," said Jacob Trevino, owner of Tokyo Kitty in Cincinnati, OH. Bbot's co-founder and CEO, Steve Simoni, mirrors this sentiment when he explains the rationale behind creating a product that benefits all parties involved within the hospitality space. Bbot removes several steps to “give servers more time to spend with their guests, which in turn helps increase sales and guest satisfaction.”

Long gone are the days of lost time in the service industry, as new innovative technologies help eliminate these time-intensive steps. Servers can dedicate the vast majority of their time to providing guests with an exceptional customer service experience. This is bound to reduce mistakes, like orders sent to the wrong table and food not prepared properly, while ultimately allowing revenue to skyrocket.

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