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Top 4 menu ideas for football season

Melanie O'Hanlon
Marketing Associate

The beginning of September brings a rush of fans clamoring for a seat at the bar and a drink to watch the big game. But this particular football season brings an added challenge for businesses. Many patrons are looking for sports bars’ energy and food but are wary of gathering in public areas. With a mix of in-person and at-home customers using delivery/takeout, businesses need to optimize their menu to meet demand and maximize returns per check. Check out our top 4 menu ideas to keep your business running smoothly on game day.

1. Gameday deals and promo codes

Promo codes are a great tool to increase order volume and check size. Set up promo codes for use at certain times, like on slower game days such as Mondays or Thursdays, and promote via email and social media. Consider offering discounts for orders with both food and drinks from your menu, or offer discounts for bulk purchases or party orders. If you provide both in-venue and delivery options, consider creating promo codes specific to one or the other. This encourages both types of ordering and helps you better gauge where your revenue is coming from.

2. Themed menus show team spirit!

Make life easier for yourself by creating game day menus with select food and beverage options. With increased demand and higher volumes of orders during game times, this will be a lifesaver for your staff. To pique interest, consider creating a themed game day menu. Encourage fans to show support for their team by placing orders for team-themed items on the menu. As a fun bonus, create methods to represent who’s “winning” based on the volume of orders for items tied to each team.

3. Take sit-down meals off the table

Many fans aren’t looking for their usual sit-down meal while watching the big game. They’re more interested in ordering shareable snacks and finger foods to munch on between drinks. An easy way to pare down your game day menu is to remove full meals in favor of appetizer-adjacent selections. Guests are more likely to order many smaller dishes alongside their beverages instead of one larger meal.

4. Reach patrons at home with tech

The big question remains: how do you bring the sports bar atmosphere to customers who prefer to dine at home? The answer lies in tech. Many businesses are investing in tech to improve the delivery experience. Offering delivery opens your menu to a broader audience and is an easy way to increase revenue. But where do you start?

While offering delivery through third-party apps like Uber Eats or DoorDash may seem like the simplest solution, in-house or first-party delivery services bring in more revenue and are easier to manage. Not only that, over 60% of consumers prefer to order directly from your business, not through third-party services.

Updating in-house menus is a quick and straightforward process, making it easier to create special game-day promotions for in-venue and at-home buyers. And if you’re drowning in success, don’t worry - You can pause your delivery services at any time to temporarily throttle orders while you catch up!

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