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The tool powering the ghost kitchen revolution

Sara Detrik
Marketing Manager

Bbot's bold new platform

We’re taking our dedication to simplifying hospitality tech to the next level; we’ve launched a new all-in-one virtual brand platform that will transform the ghost kitchen experience.

Ghost kitchens have been traditionally underserved in tech despite having the potential to become a $1 trillion global market by 2030. But Bbot is changing the game with this first-of-its-kind tech. Our aim is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs with a flexible and easy-to-use platform that caters directly to ghost kitchen owners.

The best digital platform for ghost kitchens

Small businesses — particularly restaurants — leaped hurdles and climbed mountains over the last two years. With necessity comes innovation, leading to the virtual kitchen wave. But fragmented technology plagues virtual brand operators, requiring them to piece together different software to build what they need at exorbitant cost.

A Bbot KDS screen with third-party and online orders together

Bbot is solving that problem with our all-in-one platform built specifically for cloud kitchens everywhere. We’ve created an efficient KDS for managing first and third-party orders in one place, putting the power back in the operator’s hands.
In the era of frictionless dining, we’re aiming to make it as lightweight and flexible as possible. We want to make it easy for operators to build, manage, and promote all of their virtual concepts from one easy interface.

This technology is the next step for the restaurant industry and comes at a pivotal time, as operators enter another COVID-19 winter in which delivery will be key. Previously, ghost kitchens were not being served in a way that met the flexibility they demanded. — Steve Simoni, CEO of Bbot

Bbot’s all-in-one platform will handle the who, what, and where that’s required for guest ordering. As a dedicated partner of ghost kitchens and virtual brands, our goal is to take the technology burden off their shoulders so that they can focus on marketing strategies and other areas of their business.”

Easy delivery for virtual brands

As a pioneer in the space, we’re committing here and now to get ghost kitchen owners and operators managing all of their brands in one place with a digital and contactless solution–key features for thriving in today’s environment. The online ordering system, which caters to both first- and third-party delivery, allows users to host their digital delivery from a branded menu and send auto-updates to third-party platforms, creating a more direct and user-friendly experience. 
Tomlinson Brands, a Bbot customer and virtual food hall has used our ghost kitchen platform to earn an additional $32k in average monthly revenue since 2020, increasing their delivery requests by 60%.

Bbot has made everything easy for our kitchen staff and front of house to see orders and to be able to fulfill them accurately. — Aley Oberdorf, Operations Manager Tomlinson Brands

This new platform is the solution for businesses of all sizes asking ‘how do I start my ghost kitchen journey?’. We’re helping both the mom and pops find new revenue streams to support the demands of today’s consumer and supporting larger brands in a pivot to a more flexible business model. 

“Bbot’s technology has been key for building our digital food community in North Carolina,” said Jen Classic, Director of Technology for The City Kitch. “Their flexible tech makes it easy to launch a virtual brand and manage orders through a variety of channels.”

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