How Mobile Order and Payment Platforms Can Speed Up the Dining Experience

Lee Arbel
VP of Customer Experience

Contactless technology has changed the restaurant industry in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it has also revealed a weakness that was present from the very beginning: a generally slow and unresponsive dining experience. Let’s break down exactly how contactless technology can replace, improve, and speed up the dining experience for restaurant guests.

Efficient Ordering

At the beginning of the dining experience, guests are able to use contactless technology to order more efficiently. Previously, guests had to wait for a server to reach their table, wait to receive a menu, order drinks, then finally order food.With this platform, guests can order everything they have in mind right from the get-go and get their food and drinks that much more quickly. This directly shortens the time from when a guest decides what they want to eat to when the kitchen gets the order, thus reducing the time guests have to wait before receiving their orders.

Guests View Menus Quickly

In the case that guests want to order something else, they traditionally need to flag down a server for a menu after the ordering process has occurred. This, again, slows the entire dining process down. It takes time to flag down a server, have that server get a menu, then more time for the guest to view the menu and decide if they want something extra, like dessert.

Contactless order technology like ordering devices and online menus allow guests to view the menu as soon as they're seated. This also minimizes the hassle that servers have to go through, as they are less likely to be called back and forth between different tables. Servers will be able to focus on tasks and complete them more efficiently as a result.

Some platforms may even provide guests with detailed nutritional information regarding menu items so they can save time asking the server extra questions.

Pay at the Table Speeds Up the Transaction Process

Once dining is over, guests traditionally experience lag at the table as they wait for a server to take their plates, and then a check, then come back another time for payment, then come back yet again to clear the table away. Contactless technology allows guests to pay for their food whenever they’re done. They can see the bill tallied up as they eat, won’t be surprised by any of the prices, and can simply pay via their phone or device and be done. The convenience offered is unparalleled compared with current options.

Servers can provide superior service to more guests. More free seats mean more guests for any business that adopts contactless technology!

Off-Premises Ordering and Payment is Faster and Easier

Mobile order and payment can speed up the dining experience in another way by speeding up the ordering and payment processes. Curbside and delivery dining are rapidly becoming more popular in metro areas across America. With online ordering, digital menus and third-party integrations, people can order and pick up food more promptly and accurately than ever before.

All in all, contactless technology is reshaping the restaurant industry, and with how much it speeds up the dining experience, it has the potential to result in great savings for restaurants, better experiences for guests, and a safer environment for everyone. If you’re looking to speed up the dining experience in your restaurant or food hall through contactless dining, Bbot might be right for you. You can learn more about how Bbot can help your restaurant here.

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