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Product Update: July 2022 making it easier to order for a party

Joel Thom
Product Marketer

Make ordering for a party easy with group ordering

Imagine this: it’s lunchtime, and your kitchen is slammed with an influx of orders — all individual orders. A short while later, your front-of-house staff is bombarded with organizing each dish by the table, person, and course. The lunch rush is great for business, but how do you turn the chaos into opportunity?

There’s an easy solution to bringing large orders together: group ordering!

Our newest feature lets multiple guests contribute to and submit just one order — together.

How does group ordering work?

With Bbot, group ordering isn’t that different from submitting a single order:

  1. Your guest starts their cart.
  2. They share the cart by tapping “Group Order” on the digital menu to generate a QR Code or a text message.
  3. Their friends, family, or colleagues will join by scanning the QR code or a secure link shared via text. 
  4. Then, each person can add their items from their device.
  5. Finally, the cart owner checks out when everyone is ready to submit the order.

Take advantage of simplified guest ordering

Remember the time before group ordering? Your guests fought for server attention or submitted their orders from their own devices at the same table — all at different times. This meant confusing tickets where it was up to the server to simultaneously bring out the right orders. 

Group ordering solves this for both guests and your staff. Guests submit their group order on one ticket at the same time. When the food arrives at the table, guests don’t need to flag down your staff asking when the rest of the food is coming — freeing them up to focus on providing excellent service elsewhere.

Easily coordinate and order lunch for the entire office

Do you remember the last time you had to coordinate a lunch order for a big game, a birthday party, or even a simple family dinner? You either have to wait for everyone to tell you what they want, or you pass your phone around the room. We’re getting irritated just thinking about it, too! 

With group ordering, you turn the hassle of herding cats into a self-sufficient process. Your guest just starts an order and shares a secure link via text with their friends and/or colleagues. 

Adding group ordering is another tool to enhance your guests’ digital order and pay experience. It’s a popular feature with residential buildings, offices, and more. 

Bbot customer, Pearl Food Hall, used digital ordering to cater to the residential areas near their venue. It allowed them to cover more ground and operate more efficiently — leading to a 346% increase in delivery sales and a $50K increase in monthly revenue.

See new growth for your bottom line

Group ordering may seem like a small change, but it can lead to a big impact: 

  • Minimize delivery costs for orders all going to the same location. What was once multiple orders is now just a group order.
  • Cut down on the KDS screen clutter, turning multiple tickets for one table into single tickets for your kitchen. 
  • Upsell more easily when your guests order modifiers and add-ons straight from the menu. 
  • Faster ordering means faster table turnover.
  • Just like Tartine Bakery, your delighted guests turn into repeat guests who come back on average over 20 times!

Designed to streamline ordering for your guests, minimize single ticket clutter, and simplify your kitchen prep and service model, group ordering is guaranteed to lower the lift for guests and staff across the board. 

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