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Finally, a digital ordering CRM that won't break the bank

Sara Detrik
Marketing Manager

Bbot is teaming up for a full integration and partnership with famed reservation and CRM juggernaut, OpenTable! Together, we’re revitalizing the hospitality industry by combining what makes us great for one simple solution. 

It’s no secret that restaurant tech has advanced lightyears over the last 2 years with many digital dining companies stepping up to offer answers to the pandemic problem. OpenTable and Bbot bring something new to the table: a full and more complete look at your customer’s journey. We believe in giving operators more quality tools and flexible options to suit their individual needs. 

Marketing to restaurant customers

OpenTable tracks orders and reservations, Bbot manages what they’re ordering and when for a perfect combination. This means better marketing and more tactical reach out for your best customers and those who just need a little bit of a push to become brand ambassadors. 

This new way to approach personalized marketing is part of the flexible and easy promise that our partnership is making to restaurants everywhere. This is an era of individual problem solving where no one size fits all businesses. By dictating what data you collect and how you use it helps you devise new tools and campaigns that defy cookie-cutter expectations. 

Building brand awareness

Marketing isn’t the end of the story. By placing your Bbot custom URL in your OpenTable profile, you offer a new delivery option for the husband who forgot to make a reservation, the birthday girl alone in a new city, or anyone looking for a new option when reservations are booked solid. 

The link opens the door and ushers your guest into an interactive branded menu, seating them at your restaurant’s best table, even when that’s their own couch. This options a wealth of opportunity for upsell before a reservation or delivery straight to their door. 

By keeping the link in your OpenTable profile, guests never have to go looking for your online ordering. It’s easy to access, use, and manage for the perfect lightweight experience. 

The best digital ordering CRM

The partnership is live now and ready to transform your restaurant. Dive in now to see what new and exciting features our partnership has to offer, and get a taste of the work we’re doing to keep operators like you at their best.

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