Product updates

Revel and Bbot Integration: Power your online ordering experience

Ashley Lulkovitz
Senior Brand Manager

Revel systems POS is getting a new partner: Bbot. We’re leaving the days of endless iPads and third-party reliance in 2021. Bbot and Revel work together to simplify operations; sync your menus, aggregate orders in one place, and grow your off-premise reach with minimal lift. 

Design your menu

Adopt a more flexible approach to order fulfillment by building a custom-branded ordering site with Bbot. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that operators need flexible options to adapt quickly to unexpected changes. Our user-friendly ordering sites create a new business opportunity to fulfill orders on-premise with QR codes at the table or off-premise for takeout and delivery - without commission fees! 

a bbot online ordering menu

Brand identity is vital for restaurants, especially when it comes to online ordering. With ordering site customizations like images, fonts, colours, and more, your menu will act as an extension of your brand so your customers always know where to go back for their favorite meal.

Deliver simplicity

Guests can place orders through your online ordering site or third-party apps and Bbot will pull all the orders into your Revel POS system. You no longer need multiple devices for each delivery app!

Image of Bbot Kitchen display system

You no longer have to waste precious hours manually updating menus, orders, or customer data across systems. Now, menu updates sync seamlessly from Revel to Bbot, and even to third-party delivery apps. 

Depend on data

No matter how your guests order, Bbot gives you the full picture in one place. Stay on top of sales, analytics, and trends with Bbot’s multi-channel reporting dashboard right on Revel’s POS. Help drive repeat visits and build better guest loyalty with targeted and personalized marketing. 

A growing opportunity

This past year has seen a huge boost in sales through online ordering apps. In fact, the food delivery industry is expected to see revenue of around $30 billion in 2022. The reality is that, with third-party apps, businesses lose the opportunity to capitalize on revenue growth. While third-party offers visibility to new customers, it comes at a commission-heavy cost. 

By building your own digital ordering solution with Bbot, you capitalize on the consumer shift to online ordering while owning the guest experience from end-to-end.

Want to learn more? Book a demo to see how Bbot works with Revel to boost online orders.