Drive summer sales with our event calendar template

Kickstart your event line-up with fresh patio dining ideas. Bring in new guests and delight regulars by filling your summer with our calendar template.

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Weather affects customer mood and buying behavior, so an outdoor summer event is perfect for driving sales.

You don’t need Taylor Swift to draw crowds

Whether you have a killer patio at your restaurant, a sprawling beer garden, or a rooftop bar with great views, outdoor events draw a crowd as the weather gets warmer. When you focus your outdoor dining events more locally, you drive your reach, sales, and guest loyalty.

We built the summer event calendar template to drive outdoor dining traffic and help you organize an entire summer of events into one place that you can share with your customers.

Plan your events with tons of popular and fresh categories:

  • Non-profit partnerships
  • Themed game nights
  • Special menu days
  • And more