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Our contactless digital ordering system empowers guests to rack up their tab without overloading your bartenders.

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Cloud tabs

One tap from your guest's phone starts a collaborative smart tab experience. Add drinks and food to an interactive check from the customer or server side. Create better upsell for bigger revenue.


We work seamlessly with your current POS and printer set-up — no downloads or restarts required. Our team does the heavy lifting and onboarding, blending into your established system.


From bar floor to patio to backyard, we connect your entire floor plan to one place. With location codes and printer routing, open your layout up to the possibilities of ordering anywhere.

“Bbot let us serve customers at times when we wouldn't be able to otherwise. We wanted something like bbot so people wouldn't have to get up from their tables, which is absolutely what's happening.”

Ben Lillie, Co-Founder, Caveat
Customizable menu

Your interactive online menu is fully tailored for your branding.

Easy payment

We support a variety of payment methods like Apple and Google Pay.

QR codes

One quick phone scan takes guests directly to your menu.

Group ordering

Guests can share carts with their friends to easily order together

Simple organization

Painlessly arrange your menu by drink type, Happy Hour, and more.

Vanity URL

Get your own personalized URL for better SEO and quick links.

Real-time fraud monitoring

Protect your business from fake credit cards and scams.

Printer routing

We direct orders and tickets to your designated bar printers.

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