Create a custom digital menu for in-venue and off-premise guest ordering. With a quick QR code scan, anyone can access your branded menu  — all without the hassle of downloading an app.

Cloud tabs

With a simple tap of a button, your guest orders their next round in seconds. Server cart view and additional add-to-tab make this an essential upsell feature.


We connect to your printers and POS for ease and convenience. Our partners range from loyalty programs to reservation software, creating a customizable toolbox, all in one place.

"Bbot's support is excellent. I can hop on a call with them and I don't have to wait days for changes or refresh our POS system. Everything is done automatically."

Eduardo Lopez, Manager, Cobble & Co
Menu design

Keep your brand top of mind with your custom menu and vanity URL.

Two-way orders

Guests can manage their own tabs, and servers can see in

Pause & throttle

Pause delivery orders when your kitchen is overwhelmed.

Own delivery

Adopt first-party delivery or auto-publish your menu to third-party.

Easy payment

Customers pay on their phone — Apple and Google Pay supported.

Multi-menu support

Host menus for the rooftop, dining room, and all virtual brands.

Contactless ordering

Guest-lead ordering frees servers for upsell, delivering 5-star service.

Improved guest data

Know who's ordering, what, and when for better marketing info.

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