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DoorDash Drive + Bbot have exclusive discount for New York boroughs

Sara Detrik
Marketing Manager

We’re delivering a fresh surprise exclusively for Manhattan and Brooklyn. Bbot and DoorDash Drive are teaming up to offer a new promotion for restaurants, bars, and everything in between - we’re lowering delivery fees from $7.25 to $5.24 in both boroughs!

This is a game-changer for restaurants and ghost kitchens looking to reach more guests with lower fees, making this first-party delivery platform look even more enticing. Bbot’s online menu and ordering solution, paired with DoorDash Drive’s courier service, now creates an option for any foodservice business looking to expand their delivery options without all those pesky commission fees.

With this new fee discount, the new Multi-Vendor DoorDash Drive feature becomes even more potent. We’re excited to show food halls, both virtual and in-venue alike, that we’re looking out for your best interests. Guests can enjoy food from any food vendor in the hall from home, and this new discount puts $2.00 back in your pockets on every order.

With the Delta variant still at large, this gives businesses room to maneuver and save money, especially when drivers are transporting food between neighborhoods. The orders add up, and the unified goal with both partners is to boost customer loyalty and lower prices for restaurant and kitchen owners across the city.

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