Meet Bbot

Founded in 2017, Bbot is a customer-first technology company that builds order-and-pay software designed to improve the guest ordering experience and take the burden off hospitality operators like you. With 80+ employees and counting, Bbot is growing and evolving with our customers’ needs.

Our three co-founders, Steve, Luke and Greg, met as officers in the Navy. The three of them worked on instrumentation and control systems for submarines and aircraft carriers. They kept in touch for many years after, ultimately working together to develop the original Bbot, a bartender robot that delivers drinks to tables in restaurants.

With some initial success, the robot evolved into a software that allows guests to order and pay from wherever they are located on property. On the brink of contactless technology, Bbot has been the leader in order and pay solutions and continues to use technology to improve the guest experience.


Steve Simoni
CEO and Co-Founder
Luke Allen
CTO and Co-Founder
Greg Jaworski
CPO and Co-Founder

Meet the team

Mark Henneberger Headshot
Mark Henneberger
Chris Ridings
VP of Customer Success
Derek Domino Headshot
Derek Domino
VP of Sales
Lee Arbel Headshot
Lee Arbel
VP of Customer Experience
Mike Margolis Headshot
Mike Margolis
VP of Operations
Nicole Bansal Headshot
Nicole Bansal
VP of Marketing
Nikki Ambalo Headshot
Nikki Ambalo
VP of Engineering
Sandy Barnabas Headshot
Sandy Barnabas
VP of Engineering
Ashley McGowan Headshot
Ashley McGowan
Director of Channel Partners
Brian Sumner Headshot
Brian Sumner
Director of Customer Support
Brian Love
Director of Finance & Legal Counsel
Chris Lovett Headshot
Chris Lovett
Director of Sales, Ghost Kitchens
Chris Pope Headshot
Chris Pope
Director of Revenue Operations
Mike Blodgett Headshot
Mike Blodgett
Director of Product
Tara Morgan Headshot
Tara Morgan
Director of People & Business Operations
Ashley Lulkovitz headshot
Ashley Lulkovitz
Senior Brand Manager
Annie Battles Headshot
Annie Battles
Sales Development Manager
Gilles St-Cyr Headshot
Gilles St-Cyr
Lead Front-end Software Architect
Jonathan Thomas Headshot
Jonathan Thomas
Reliability Team Lead
RJ Hall Headshot
RJ Hall
Head of Implementation
Sara Detrik
Sara Detrik
Marketing Manager

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Bbot is a fully-remote, distributed company on a mission to help restaurant and food-business owners succeed.

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