Ghost kitchens

The all-in-one virtual brand platform

Build, manage, and promote all of your ghost kitchen concepts from one place with Bbot's flexible digital solution.

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Manage first and third-party orders in one KDS with our innovative solution. Support multiple virtual brands with flexible menus, custom URLs, and the ability to auto-publish updates to third-party platforms with one easy click!


Take your visibility beyond wishful thinking. Bbot collects the who, what, and when during guest ordering so you can focus on better marketing opportunities.


Bring your cloud kitchen down to earth with our handhelds and kitchen display screens. Funnel all first and third-party orders into one easy-to-manage terminal that won't weigh you down.


We integrate seamlessly with the other tools in your kit. From couriers to marketing, Bbot opens the door for beneficial partnerships and provides what you need to superpower your business.

“Bbot has made everything easy for our kitchen and front-of-house staff to see orders and fulfill them accurately.”

Aley Oberdorf, Operations Manager at Tomlinson Brands
Printer routing

Host your menus in one place while sending orders to the right printers.

Flexible analytics

Organize vendor data however you want, all in one adjustable place.


Make your virtual brands a one stop online shop.

Unify ordering

Bring together all third-party orders into a single KDS.

Branded URL

We build your customizable online menu with your own branded link.

Vendor accounting

Break down transactions and payments by each brand.

Order throttling

Pause delivery requests while your kitchen staff are overloaded.

Countless integrations

Choose from partner programs like loyalty or guest communication.

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No one operates like you

Try contactless order and pay designed specifically for your business.

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