Making first-party delivery accessible

With Bbot’s online menu, you own the guest experience from start to finish with data collection, branding, and improved revenue.

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An ordering screen that shows where your food delivery is
Phone with stars
No apps, no downloads

Guests order delivery directly from your interactive online menu.

3 bars showing analytics
Guest data at your fingertips

Know who's ordering what and when they’re hungry for better marketing.

Squares representing apps
Smoother and faster integration

Bbot delivery is all digital, meaning no new handhelds, or expensive system changes.

We did the math

Our customers have made first-party delivery work for them when using Bbot's online menu for delivery.

The truth is simple.
Adding first-party to your delivery plan is not only a must, it's a necessity for staying flexible and successful.

minute decrease in delivery time
increase in check size
increase in monthly revenue

Send your brand far from home

Keep your logo and brand strong from first glance to final drop-off. Your guest might be miles away, but with our branded online menu, your mission and voice travel right to their front door.

A branded ordering site with customizations you can make to the branding

Off-premise any way you want it

There’s no limit to how Bbot helps get food to your guests. From traditional courier to on-premise outposts, we work with your needs and layout for the best possible delivery option.

“Bbot has made everything easy for our kitchen staff and front of house to see orders and to be able to fulfill them accurately.”

Aley Oberdorf, Operations Manager at Tomlinson Brands

Payments made easy

Guests pay directly from their phone no matter where they order from, creating a quick and streamlined checkout process, all without having to create an account or download an app.

Trusted by thousands of hospitality businesses

Think future first

See why thousands of operators just like you trust Bbot for their contactless order and pay.

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